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Compare the top vendors

The API gateway assists in securing and managing APIs in use by providing features for authorization and authentication.

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Common use cases

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Multi-platform integration

API gateways provide seamless compatibility with multiple platforms and work across complex architectures to provide a scalable, highly-available, and connected system.

Real-time communication apps

API gateway WebSocket APIs can be used to build secure, real-time communication applications without without having to provision or manage any servers to manage connections or large-scale data exchanges.

Simplifying micro-services complexity

API gateways simplify micro-services architectures by consolidating rate limiting, token authorization, scaling up or down, and routing in a single mediation layer. They also decouple the API management layer to provide a single interface for managing the environment

Improving security

Every enterprise needs to focus on their security strategy as APIs have become the leading threat vector for application security. The API gateway sits outside your application architecture. By setting security alerts and thresholds at the gateway layer, you can stop more threats before they reach your systems.