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An iPaaS helps you connect your databases, systems and favorite apps easily. It also offers efficient ways to monitor ongoing data feeds, metrics and overarching business processes.

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Common use cases

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Cross app data consistency and sharing

Different apps require eventual data consistency at the same time. For example, a CRM system could be sending data to an ERP and billing system and the data needs to be consistent across all these three applications.

Migrating data into warehouse

Many organizations have a data warehouse which they use for business intelligence purposes. To collect data into a warehouse, it's handy to use an iPaaS to get the data from multiple data sources.

Data democratization

There needs to be a standard process around exposing and consumption of data for making the data discoverable and accessible. Data democratization means that there's easy access to standardized data from a central place, along with proper governance.

Automatic API generation

Many organizations need to build APIs in front of their systems to expose data or services. Most iPaaS solutions provide an easy way to generate APIs and provide low-code features for API generation with a library of connectors.

Powering cloud analytics

Delivering data from virtually anywhere to the cloud helps eliminate data silos and make cloud analytics possible.

Embedding iPaaS into a SaaS application

SaaS apps can embed integrations into their offering to provide customers a fast way to integrate specific SaaS apps without having to leave the app.