Azure Blob Storage vs. Wasabi Hot Cloud Storage

Which is the best cloud object storage provider for you?

April 8, 2023

Written by
Louis-Victor Jadavji, Cofounder of Taloflow

Who Should You Choose, and Why?

🤔 Strongly consider Azure Blob Storage over Wasabi if

You are deeply embedded in the rest of the Azure ecosystem, and need eventing features to trigger Azure Functions. Or, if you need Extra Redundancy Tiering.

🤔 Strongly consider Wasabi over Azure Blob Storage if

You don’t access your files all the time, but when you do, you need them accessed quickly (a.k.a. “hot”) and cheaply (free, in Wasabi’s case). Wasabi is akin to getting the good pricing of an Archive tier of storage but without the large fees (within minutes) and long waits (near-instant instead of hours or days) for data retrieval. It’s a “hot” archive.

đź“ť Other Notes

  • Wasabi's pricing is probably the simplest in the entire cloud object storage category
  • Wasabi may limit the number of operations you can have based on your volume of storage.
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  • Wasabi requires that you store your data for a minimum of 90 days without deletion. Otherwise, they will apply a Timed Deleted Charge equivalent to the cost of storing data for remaining days within that period.
  • Wasabi’s Timed Deleted Charge also applies when overwriting files, which is a double-whammy because you are then charged for the deleted file AND the created file.
  • Wasabi’s Fair Use Policy for egress limits the amount of data you egress for free. As a simple rule, you should not let your Reads/Downloads exceed the total amount of data being stored in any given month.
  • Among object storage providers, only Azure supports the MBCS file format.
  • For its Archive tier of storage, Azure charges a similar charge as Wasabi for early deletion of files, but with double (180 days) the minimum file retention period, whereas Azure's Cool tier requires 30 days of file storage.
  • Azure charges a retrieval fee generally between $0.01 and $0.02 per GB for retrieving data from its Cool and Archive tiers, whereas Wasabi does not charge for retrieval.

Feature Comparison







Use Case Suitability

Pricing Comparison

Integration With Other Services

Not all object storage providers have the integrations or compatibility with tools like IPFS, Filezilla or specific CDN providers.

Compliance Requirements

Compliance with standards like PCI DSS, HIPAA, ISO 27001, FedRAMP and more have been tracked and recorded.

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