Upgrading from Tim to Timothy gets you a lot more features

Intelligent Rightsizing

Timothy does all the analysis needed for rightsizing, right-typing, and modernizing your resources. Timothy is proactive. Timothy will nudge your team towards the right decision on what to buy, when, and for what type of commitment.

Tie infrastructure costs to the business

Unit economics matter, especially for your Finance or Product department. Timothy users can map business events — like an order, shipment, payment or API call — to your cloud costs. Timothy can then use these new metrics to help you plan your resources intelligently.

Cost forecasting

Capacity planning is hard. When Timothy analyzes cost, it finds all the hidden costs of the cloud to give you the complete picture. Timothy then pairs that with your usage data to help you make precise forecasts. This allows you and your team to make quick decisions that don’t bite back.

Timothy is enterprise-ready

Enterprise-grade Security

Scalable Workflows

Tailored Recommendations

Unparalleled Savings