Taloflow Bill Reviews

Who is it for?

Free or paying customers of Tim Cloud Cost Management. Free customers are entitled to one review. Paid customers are entitled to reviews every month.

Does it work?

We save the average company 15% of their cloud bill.

What does Taloflow need?

You'll need to share access to the bucket where you put your AWS Cost and Usage Reports. If you have these pre-existing, it takes 3 to 5 minutes to give us access. If you don’t, it adds another 3 minutes to set them up. Both options have their steps outlined here.

What’s included in the review?

Using our proprietary tools, we spend a few hours to find the following and prepare a report to go over with you on a 45-minute Zoom call (30 minutes on the report, 15 minutes for your questions):

1. Drill down to the API level and find anomalies

2. Identify possible structural issues

3. Identify boiling the frog scenarios that are easy to miss

4. Provide insights into how your costs on your platform are correlated to each other

5. Provide recommendations on cloud architecture and specify the right combination of variable versus fixed costs (on-demand, spot, savings plans, and reservations)

6. Leverage arbitrage opportunities in the AWS instance marketplace

7. Answer any questions you may have about the AWS bill

8. Compare usage relative to peers in your industry