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cloud sales in days,
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Remove the engineering bottlenecks that cause friction in the cloud buying process. Analyze usage data and assumptions to qualify, benchmark, and assess a specific use case in minutes.

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Taloflow has rigorously benchmarked cloud vendors and ingested billions of cloud usage records to train its models.

Cloud usage reports
Cloud vendors
Product categories
Use cases
Cost records analyzed

Get the lowest
friction sale possible

In cloud, almost everything is use case driven. Buyers expect a tailored analysis before making a decision. Taloflow’s Poly platform streamlines all the sales engineering steps to increase closing ratio and expand the universe of use cases.

Build up use-case intelligence with AI-powered insights

Taloflow helps validate product-requirement fit. Find mismatches, opportunities, and even get deployment recommendations to increase fit.

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Save hundreds of hours for both vendors and buyers

Taloflow reduces the amount of tedious work and analysis on both sides. We analyze cloud usage logs, scan codebases and more.

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Give your prospects the best decision and deal

Taloflow is an impartial trust agent to predict pricing, performance benefits, and migration costs to help close key customers faster.

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Minimize sales
engineering work

Taloflow Poly is like having an AI powered cloud sales engineer assigned to every prospect or lead. Poly automates large parts of the sales engineering process.

ROI, NPV and Payback
Deployment design
Performance benchmarks
Migration cost estimates
Pro Forma billing
Connective code analysis
Product comparisons
Intelligent discounting
Intelligent categorization
Cloud data ingestion
Assumptions gathering
Cost-benefit analysis

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CRO at leading cloud vendor

There’s nothing like it. This is a game-changer for us, and it’s already helping us with our positioning, pricing and deal-making. I can imagine every single one of our sales prospects getting a Poly report one day -- hopefully soon!

Chief Architect at fast-growing SaaS company

Four and a half star review rating

I'm amazed that I was able to compare costs between AWS and the other providers with such ease. Within an hour, Taloflow returned a detailed report that would've taken us weeks to come up with internally.

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