Marginal cloud cost analysis and cloud cost mapping made easy

Map and reveal the marginal cost of every activity and decision (deployment, product, pricing, etc.) without tagging resources.

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Don't run blind

Answer critical questions about the cost structure of your SaaS

Product & Finance

Make better decisions to improve overall profitability.

Tie profitability to compute and deployment costs and decisions.
Maximize profits by optimizing customer product mix, retention policies, pricing and marketing.
More accurate and real-time budgeting of cloud costs with less ad-hoc and labor-intensive estimates.


Do cost analysis that is fast and accurate.

Allocate faster and more accurately to answer questions like “what does X cost?”, and "what if orders increased 10%?"
Clearly see improvement or degradation in the cost of moving data, making deployments, and more.
Get the answers Product and Finance want without having to spend a bunch of time on it.

Link cloud costs to your business margins

There is a big change afoot in computing as we move from step and fixed costs to almost purely marginal costs.

Monitor Marginal & Average Costs

Measure how the activities that relate to the goods or services you provide impact your cloud costs and other metered services. You can finally figure out your true COGS on the cloud for better planning, decisions and scaling.

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monitor marginal and average cloud costs
cloud spend scenarios

Perform What-If Scenarios

We provide Marginal and Average cost curves for each activity, and for combined activities, so you can forecast and plan the growth of your business. e.g.: If my business grows 10%, what will my Cost per 1M Messages look like?

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Get Customer Profitability

We can take the marginal cost, map back to customers and customer groupings, and if provided with customer revenue information, produce “by” customer profitability.

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marginal analysis of cloud spend

How it works

We link engineering and business activity to your cloud costs.

Cloud Billing
Cloud Cost and Usage Reports (AWS, Azure, GCP)
Infra Signals
State Changes, Event Bus, CloudFormation, Terraform
External Events
Pricing Changes, Deployments
Business Activity
Transactions, API calls, New Customers
Cost Instrumentation
System that enables smart decision-making at the margin
Produce average and marginal cost info to answer such questions as:

+ What is the efficiency frontier between service level and cost?

+ On which group of customers should I focus my marketing efforts?

+ How many customers do I need to add before I am profitable?

+ What services are the main cost drivers in my organization?

+ Cost of serving different customers - should I be charging differently?

+ Given our customer growth, are we on the way to profitability?

Improve your margins 5-25%

Powerful Tools  •  Fast Setup  •  Fanatical Support

Improve your margins 5-25%

Powerful Tools  •  Fast Setup  •  Fanatical Support