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Jun 3, 2020
Updated Slack integration and template

Updated Slack integration and template

In our latest Taloflow release we made two improvements. One to streamline our Slack integration and the other to our Slack templates.

1. Integrate Slack directly from the Grafana UI or Email Notifications

You can integrate Taloflow into your Slack from your email summaries or alerts or from the "Alerts & Anomalies" page in the Grafana UI. Unfurl "Quick Links" in the Grafana UI to access the "add to Slack button" in the top right of the Grafana UI. Once integrated, use the command `/invite Taloflow Tim` in the channel of your choice to start getting Slack notifications from Tim.

2. Updated Slack templates

Once integrated into Slack, you'll start receiving a condensed version of Taloflow's cost summaries as well as anomaly and trend detection alerts straight into Slack.

Apr 24, 2020
UI sections, advanced filters and cost trends

UI sections, advanced filters and cost trends

On our latest release of Tim, we made 3 improvements to Tim. 2 in the Grafana UI, 1 for a new alert type email, 1 to filtering.

1. Reorganization of UI Sections:

  • To make navigation easier, we’ve compartmentalized our UI into different dashboards. Now when you login you’ll be taken to the overview page where you can view your costs, forecasts, and alerts at a glance and navigate into.

2. Advanced filtering:

  • Now you can filter your actual costs seamlessly in the top filters by Account ID, Client ID, Region, Charge Type, Tags, and more. 

3. New alert type email (average cost trends):

  • While Taloflow forecasts and anomaly detection is a quick way of detecting anomalous spend patterns, it often can be hard to spend trends like steadily rising or steadily decreasing costs as the forecasts by nature adjust to your trends. 
  • Now we’ve implemented a new type of email for Trend Detection to tell you exactly about these types of patterns you should know about. You’ll be alerted when daily average spends for particular services have increased more than 15% week over week, with granular stats around the Operation and Tag associated with the pattern.
Oct 21, 2019
Grafana and alerting/summary improvements

Grafana and alerting/summary improvements

On our latest release of Tim, we improved 2 core features in cost report summaries and anomaly detection, and added 1 new feature in our Grafana UI to visualize health summaries for your AWS services.

Tim reads your cost report and identifies any anomalous events or patterns

To save you more time analyzing your AWS cost data, we've added a summary feature where Tim reads your cost report and identifies any outliers and worrying trends you should know about. Quickly get some confirmation on whether you're on budget, or on trend, or whether you have any AWS services that you're spending on that are causing spikes in your bill beyond forecast.

Filter through your anomalies in Grafana

We added an enhanced way of visualizing unusual spending patterns through our Anomaly panel in Grafana. Scroll through 3 levels of alerts and filter on different Services or severities of your spend anomalies.

Do a quick health-check on your services with our new Health panel

We created a health panel to act as a quick confidence check on your various AWS services to see whether you're spending on trend or not. Quickly see how many anomalies have occurred for various services and time periods and compare between your actual spending and Taloflow forecasts.