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How Style Arcade uses Taloflow's AWS Cloud Financial Management suite to detect real-time cost anomalies

Style Arcade
Style Arcade
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Style Arcade is a fast-growing SaaS startup with frequent and complex software deployments. As is the case for almost any startup that values developer autonomy, critical AWS cost anomalies happen from time to time. Style Arcade uses Taloflow to monitor the efficiency of deployment decisions in near real-time.

Style Arcade's business is to help fashion companies perfect their product offering through analytics and range planning software. Its software powers decisions that have a significant impact on margins and output for fashion retailers. Style Arcade has offices in Sydney, Australia and Los Angeles, California, and has raised $1.7M in venture funding. It has been building exclusively on AWS since 2018.

A team savvy with AWS and Serverless

It's not every day that we encounter a startup with a past AWS Solutions Architect on the leadership team. For nearly three years, Brent Maxwell, Style Arcade's Co-founder and Co-CTO, helped large enterprises in APAC save costs on AWS on behalf of AWS. When it came to using Taloflow, Brent immediately understood the value proposition. That is, getting the right cost insights delivered to the right people at the right time. According to Brent, few product leaders want to spend days and weeks pivoting data from AWS Cost and Usage reports to determine if and when issues occur. What's more, pouring through details to identify the root causes is not an effective use of precious developer hours at a startup.

Style Arcade also happens to be on the cutting-edge with its use of Serverless technologies. It processes analytics data several times a day, then feeds it into specialized data structures in AWS S3. The Style Arcade app itself is completely serverless. It lives in AWS S3, and when Style Arcade's customers hit its UI, it fires off a Lambda function that mobilizes a small army of other Lambda functions to retrieve the relevant data in S3. It then recomposites the data, runs logic over it and serves it back to the customer in the UI. Serverless setups like Style Arcade's present new challenges when it comes to cost monitoring - costs can spike! Taloflow's product is uniquely positioned to help.

Actionable insights in the nick of time

For Brent, the key was whether Taloflow could keep a close eye on costs and provide the right noise-to-signal ratio with its anomaly detection and alerts. Taloflow delivered, and more than once.

Brent detailed for us a recent example: “We had a cost spike with multiple services (AWS EC2, Lambda, AWS S3) tripling or quadrupling. The only way we knew was thanks to Taloflow’s alerts. I wish we had not ignored the weekend alert - every alert we get is worthwhile looking into - and it would have saved us even more!"

EC2 Cost Anomaly

Brent has recently rallied his entire team behind using Taloflow's alerts and summaries to gauge the health of cloud spend. According to him, "given the high signal-to-noise ratio of Taloflow’s alerts, the team now takes action on any anomaly greater than $100.”

We're glad that Taloflow's AWS cost monitoring helped Brent and the Style Arcade team save themselves from a tripling AWS costs. Our timely alerts and team will be there give them peace of mind now and in the future.

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