Better, faster stack decisions

Our mission is to help dev teams make the right decisions for their tech stack. We focus on dev tools and the infra and API layers.

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Clay Robbins
Growth @ 0x
Investor @ Accel
Scott Belsky
CPO @ Adobe
Venture Partner, Benchmark
John Seely Brown
Founder, In-Q-Tel
Chairman, Deloitte Edge
Ian Wong
Co-founder and CTO
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Technical Advisors and Experts

Gopinath Balakrishnan
Customer Engineering at Google Cloud
Nick Wade
VP of Product at Auth0
Travis Cole
Director of Engineering at Confluent
Mauricio Salatino
Staff Engineer at VMware
Zhenyu Guo
Director of AI at Postmates X
Ayan Barua
VP of Engineering at G2
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Want to shape the world of cloud and devtools?

We’re a team of infrastructure engineers and data scientists that bring a deep sense of urgency and strategic thinking to everything we do.

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