Taloflow is the fastest way to evaluate
dev tools and cloud infrastructure products

Taloflow identifies the best cloud infrastructure and API products for your
use case, saving you weeks of soul-sucking analysis for every big decision

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How it works:

1. Tell us your requirements

Give Taloflow your high level requirements and use case to kick start the process. We combine expert analysis and use case analysis to create a holistic requirements profile for you.

2. Get a shortlist of vendors based on your use case

Taloflow evaluates your use case and high level requirements against our product and vendor database to help save you time on research and communicating with vendor sales + eng teams.

3. Get a relevant expert or peer opinion

Depending on your needs we'll use Taloflow’s expert and peer network to help gather additional insights from field experts or relevant peers to best support your analysis and implementation.

4. Make a decision

Taloflow streamlines your decision making process by helping you with creating a decision matrix to finalize which vendors to work with, test, or buy.

I’m always looking for new tools to improve our stack. Taloflow helps us precisely define our use case and compare options. And for bonus points, I get to avoid soul-sucking demo calls with vendors.
Brent Maxwell
Brent Maxwell
Taloflow's buying insights allow us to find and compare new products in verticals like Spot management and object storage with technical rigor.
David Wilson
David Wilson
Taloflow allows me to get unique insights about our cloud footprint without having to spend much time or effort going through spreadsheets.
Patrick Lewis
Patrick Lewis
IT Operations Manager
For buying insights on
Cloud Object Storage
Cost Monitoring
CI/CD Tools
Spot Management
Serverless Containers
Messaging API
Conversations SDK
NoSQL Databases
Event Streaming
Data Protection
DNS Routing
Log Management
Application Security
Application Monitoring
DDoS Protection
Serverless Functions
AI/ML Platforms
Jupyter Notebooks
and dozens more...
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