Save up to 40% on AWS without compromising performance

Tim, the Taloflow Instance Manager, monitors your AWS resources and suggests automations that effortlessly save you money in real time.

Taloflow Tim

Billions are wasted on AWS every year

Understanding complex pricing mechanics, implementing real-time workload optimization, and coordinating between finance and development teams are time-consuming, onerous feats.

1. Identify your resources

Once connected to your AWS, Tim automatically organizes your resources under easily-identifiable tag groups.

2. Tailor Tim to tailor your cloud

Tim will quickly adopt policies that suit your setup and monitor important metrics in real-time, such as “cost per x”.

3. Act on opportunities

Based on your preferences, Tim will make changes auto-magically or surface decisions to you for seamless cost savings.

Discover What Tim Can Do For You

Taloflow’s Instance Manager helps engineers drastically improve cloud infrastructure performance and reduce costs.

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