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Brent Maxwell
CTO at Style Arcade
Taloflow helps us precisely define our use case and compare options. And for bonus points, I get to avoid soul-sucking demo calls with vendors.
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David Wilson
CFO at NS1
Taloflow's buying insights allow us to find and compare new products in verticals like Spot management and object storage with technical rigor.

Our promise

We promise to always present accurate information to the best of our knowledge, to work with leading experts to inform our recommendations, and to be impartial.

Use-case specific

Our analysis uses every single input you provide to intelligently categorize you against a growing database of use cases so that the information presented is highly relevant to you.

Independent process

We work collaboratively with vendors to ensure that the way we represent their tooling is accurate and based on the most up-to-date information. We do not represent any vendor more favorably.

Researched by field experts

Our researchers and benchmarkers are sophisticated and specialized in the cloud tooling verticals we support, usually attaining a role of Staff Engineer or above.

Focused work

We focused our research on a select few categories to start and add more only when we can be certain of the quality of results and analysis we provide.

Experts in a half dozen categories, and growing

Real expert analysis tailored to your use case
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Cloud Cost Management

A cloud cost management setup should promote cost awareness while minimizing the disruption of the developer workflow. They are more powerful when they provide insights closer to the point of a decision, rather than simply retrospective.

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Customer Data Platform

Customer Data Platforms (CDPs) like Segment allow various apps to pipe events, customer data, and more, to other applications like analytics products, CRMs, email apps, etc. They help maintain the holy promise of digital products and marketing - the single customer view.

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Data Warehouse

Data warehouses support various BI and analytics use cases, but this category is in flux with both Databricks and Snowflake moving towards a “Data Lakehouse” framework where you can use the platform the way you would use both the Data Warehouse and Data Lake today.

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SMS and Voice API

SMS API providers allow you to send SMS or text messages to consumers, usually with a single HTTP request. SMS API providers partner with network carriers and providers to have a direct and reliable method of sending SMS messages. 

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APM and Observability

Answering questions about specific page load times and queries under load is no longer enough. More vendors and companies want to take a holistic "observability" approach to understand cause-effects much faster and answer the “unknown unknowns” of microservice-based apps.

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Cloud Object Storage

Cloud Object Storage stores anything, from server logs, images, HTML source code, or any “blob” of bytes. Each object contains the data itself, metadata about the data, and a unique global identifier that enables distributed systems and apps to locate the data.