Kubecost vs. CloudHealth Comparison

Which is the best Cloud Cost Management provider for you?

November 23, 2022

Written by
Louis-Victor Jadavji, Cofounder of Taloflow

Who should you choose and why?

✋ Most important consideration

  • If Kubernetes applies to greater than 50% of workloads, you probably want to leverage a solution focused on that, like Kubecost. However, if you’re looking to build an enterprise “Cloud Center of Excellence” (cloud financial management, policies, and governance), CloudHealth is the better fit.

🤔 Strongly consider Kubecost over CloudHealth if

  • If Kubernetes insights are of singular importance, we would recommend Kubecost.
  • You want better insights for optimizing container utilization. CloudHealth has less mature tools for drilling down to the container level.
  • Getting the latest cloud spend data visible in your dashboard sooner is crucial for your engineering team.

🤔 Strongly consider CloudHealth over Kubecost if

  • You want a more mature platform for monitoring native services on Azure, Google Cloud Platform, and AWS.
  • You want to analyze and manage cloud cost, usage, security, and governance in one place through a cloud management platform (not just “cost management”).
  • The Finance department at your company will make heavy use of the tool you chose.
  • You want some kind of discount management tool on the same platform.

📝Other Notes

  • CloudHealth has powerful dynamic reports called "perspectives" that are really handy for finance teams to get a grip on the spend activity of various business units.
  • If one of your mandates is tying infrastructure costs to business processes and metrics (cost per API call, etc.), your team could stitch together Tableau (or a similar BI platform) and CloudHealth to get there.


Kubecost is an open-source platform that provides a bespoke cloud cost management solution designed primarily for teams extensively using Kubernetes. Born from the minds that contributed to the creation of Kubernetes at Google, Kubecost brings a deeply informed perspective to Kubernetes cost management. Recently, they have broadened their scope by incorporating capabilities to track non-Kubernetes cloud spending, expanding their utility and value proposition for teams operating mixed-technology environments.


CloudHealth by VMware is a robust cloud management platform suitable for enterprises aiming to build a “Cloud Center of Excellence”. As a pioneer in Cloud Financial Management, CloudHealth was one of the first platforms capable of supporting multi-cloud environments at the enterprise level. It offers a suite of tools to help businesses manage and optimize cloud cost, usage, security, and governance, making it a vital component for successful cloud financial management.

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  • CloudHealth is notorious for having a slow ingestion of cost and usage reports from cloud providers, sometimes taking 3-4 days to make the cost metrics visible on their platform.
  • While possible, tying infrastructure costs to cost centers in CloudHealth is kludgey and requires you to pull data from tools like DataDog and produce visuals in tools like Tableau.

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