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Slice your data how you want it

Taloflow provides a highly configurable Grafana dashboard. Drill into your data how you want to by tags, service, region, container, etc. You can look at your spend velocity in 1-hour to weekly intervals, and virtually any perspective on cost you need is available to you.

Intelligent alerts with anomaly detection

Accidents happen. In a complex environment with continuous deploys it's easy for anyone to push bad code. While it's easy to find out when your service is down it's difficult to find out if you're accidentally overspending on resources. Tim uses machine learning to help detect anomalies in real-time so you can find mistakes and resolve them before they rack up your bill.

Forecasting & real-time running cost

While your application and engineering team works around the clock, the AWS cost report has always had long delays. That's why we've built a real-time running cost feature that allows you to know your AWS spend in real-time before and between the bill.

Root-cause analysis that ties in your deployment pipeline

When something hits the fan, dollars keep burning while you find a fix. Why should you have to wrangle information from disparate teams, services and tools to get a timely answer? That's why we made it super easy to tie your events from any deployment or CI/CD tool (e.g.: Jenkins, CloudFormation, Terraform, GitHub Actions) to spend anomalies.

Standard Features

Customizable dashboard
Loved by developers, Taloflow provides an extremely configurable Grafana dashboard.
Anomaly detection
Powerful anomaly detection that understands historic patterns as soon as you integrate.
Unlimited alerts
Fine-tune Tim's alerting with rules to reduce noise or amplify intelligently.
Deployment intregrations
Integrate your CI/CD and developer tools (e.g.: Jenkins) to track changes that impact cost.
Project your spend forward and see it change dynamically based on infrastructure changes.
Real-time running cost
Get the real-time spend data that even AWS won't provide to fill gaps between cost reports.
Advanced analytics
Get granular about your AWS spend and track by tag, service type, or container.
Email and chat support
We offer 24/7 support through email at help@taloflow.ai and our live chat service.
Full discovery
Every AWS cloud resource is observable inside of Tim. There are no limits on service types.
Secured cost data
We store your AWS cost reports securely for you to save you time and money.
Messaging integrations
Receive alerts and periodic reports in Email and other tools for incidents.
Root cause analysis
Quickly correlate spend changes with deployment events and major AWS changes.

You're in control. Your data is kept secure.

Access is restricted to the Cost Report, Usage Metrics, and the resource and tagging API.
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Say Bye to AWS BS! (Bill Shock)

Powerful Tools  •  Fast Setup  •  Fanatical Support

Say Bye to AWS BS! (Bill Shock)

Powerful Tools  •  Fast Setup  •  Fanatical Support