November 26, 2018

Taloflow achieves AWS Technology Partner status - Advanced Tier

Jason Kim
Cofounder and VP Product
At Taloflow, our customers know that we are a trusted source for optimizing cloud costs and performance. Today, AWS announced that they agree. Taloflow is excited to share that we are now an AWS Technology Partner in the Advanced Tier. In order to meet the qualifications, Taloflow proved its focus on customer success and clients’ business objectives, our deep expertise of AWS, and our unique position to successfully help any enterprise in their journey to the cloud. AWS performed a thorough investigation of all aspects of Taloflow’s expertise and found the platform to be a top performer in the field of cloud optimization. This recognition comes from our continued dedication to reduce cloud spend for companies of all sizes and to provide unprecedented visibility and control over cloud infrastructure. More and more CIOs are adjusting to the reality that cloud computing is an inevitable disruptive technology. In light of this, AWS has recognized Taloflow as one of the leading services to get enterprises on the cloud, and make them comfortable once they are there. “At Taloflow, we’re relentlessly focused on making cost optimization as seamless as possible” said Jason Kim, VP Product of Taloflow. “With this recognition from Amazon, we are more excited than ever to continue helping Amazon customers navigate through their cloud journey, and save them bundles of money along the way with our product, Tim.” To gain full visibility on your AWS, and significantly reduce your cloud spend, here’s our five-minute documentation on how to starting using Tim, for free, right now. Or get in touch at team is attending he AWS re:Invent conference now, in Las Vegas, Nevada. We'd love to say hi!