Spreadsheet-like tables, new nav bar, and executive summaries block


We've put a lot of work into making more efficient use of space in the UI and providing a more familiar and powerful editing experience with tables.


  • Spreadsheet-like tables with pinning, sticky scrolling, column reordering, etc.
  • Single-click interaction to edit cell content inside tables
  • New-look navigation and toolbar
  • Executive summary templates that are specific per product category


  • Made pills denser for table cells to save space
  • Fixed error when adding pills to multi-select
  • Fixed problem when spinner stops spinning before calculation updates are made
  • Fixed delay to add invited user to shared-with list in share modal
  • Fixed issue where the icon in the product ranking block did not match with the product name
  • Fixed missing title in dashboard
  • Fixed issue where some bubble charts were missing bubbles
  • Fixed issue where role-editing dropdown in share modal was cut off