Better product guidance and enhanced table functionality


This release focuses on providing better a user onboarding experience with the introduction of a video walkthrough, small flow changes to the questionnaire, and updated menu items and navigation. Additionally, several bugs have been resolved.


  • Implemented video walkthrough with a modal for first-time login, added walkthrough card to dashboard, and improved UI design. Also added a menu item to re-open walkthrough modal.
  • Redirecting users to report view after submitting the last question.
  • Enhanced table functionality with sticky headers, single-click cell editing, pinnable product names, additional padding, vertical centering, and improved column display.
  • Changed naming of requirements categories to "dimensions".
  • Improved avatars in the nav/toolbar and added an icon for the Quiz Answers tab.


  • Fixed issues with backslash pills, scoring chart size, tool tips, and dates for commenting.
  • Resolved various bugs related to icons, reports, rankings, role editing dropdown, and avatar display after SSO sign up.
  • Investigated and solved issues where scores above 100 occasionally appeared.
  • Enabled commenting on read-only mode of editor.
  • Fixed "Get Help" link on Log in and Sign up pages.