The Top iPaaS Vendors - The Complete Guide

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June 15, 2022

What is iPaaS?

iPaaS is an acronym for Integration Platform as a Service, a cloud-based service for integrating various cloud environments, infrastructures, etc., and the data flow between apps. 

With most modern business processes being distributed over many applications, it takes time to move data from one system to another, and data may get corrupted. iPaaS solves this and can share data between multiple applications, such as lists of orders between your web store and accounting system.

By the way, the following terms can be used interchangeably:

  • Integration Platform as a Service (iPaaS)
  • Enterprise Integration Platform (EIP)
  • Enterprise Integration Platform (EiPaaS)

This article covers the top iPaaS vendors and their services. 

How to Pick an iPaaS?

When picking an enterprise integration platform, there are certain features to look out for: security, scalability, flexibility, user-friendliness, cost, etc. Ideally, an Enterprise Integration Platform or iPaaS should:

  • Provide a unified approach by acting as a bridge between multiple processes.
  • Maintain an easy flow of data among the processes and ensure better communication between cloud applications.
  • Reduces to zero the manual data transfer between the apps, reduces error rates, and improves data security.
  • Ensures scalability and seamless connection/disconnection of applications.

iPaaS Vendor Comparison Overview

The most commonly used iPaaS vendors among the enterprise are Boomi, MuleSoft Anypoint Platform, Postman, and Jitterbit. Have a look at the comparison table among these platforms. Our Taloflow experts rated each against commonly used criteria for evaluating iPaaS vendors in the table below.

Category Boomi Mulesoft Postman Jitterbit
API Testing 7.5 8.2 9.2 8.1
Data Security 8.3 8.5 8.5 8.0
Scalability 8.1 8.2 8.9 8.5
Traffic Control N/A 8.8 N/A 8.1
Plugins N/A 8.0 N/A 7.9
Core Features Distributed Architecture, Low-code, Visual UI, Pervasive Intelligence, Enterprise-grade Security Future-proof Foundation, Resilient Operations, Automated Security and Accelerated Delivery Workflow Control, REST API Testing, API Design, Build Automation Analytics, API Security, Custom API Creation, Logging and Debugging

We also prepared the full list of vendors below:

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iPaaS Vendors — The Full List?

While this article is primarily about iPaaS, there tends to be overlap with API management and data integration use cases, so we’ll cover some of those vendors too.


MuleSoft platform site

MuleSoft Anypoint Platform provides automated security, accelerated delivery, API management, and a solution that connects various cloud environments and business processes via a network. You can also flexibly monitor all the actions performed by your APIs.


Boomi platform site

Boomi is an enterprise integration platform for interconnecting applications with data resources. It has a distributed architecture, low-code and visual UI, and an API manager.


Workato platform site

Workato possesses powerful capabilities for handling real-time applications and integrations and ensures smooth data transfer, security, reliability, and scalability.

Amazon Web Services (AWS)

AWS Integration Services platform site

AWS offers a collection of services — AppFlow, Event Bus, Workflows, and API Management — for communication between applications and cloud servers.

Azure Integration Services

Azure Integration Services platform site

Azure Integration Services can carry out cloud integrations and can be paired with Azure API Management for API lifecycle management.

TIBCO Cloud Integration

TIBCO Cloud Integration helps enterprises connect applications and servers.

Apigee Edge

Apigee platform site

With Apigee Edge, users can build and manage APIs. It also provides analytics, rate limiting, and security.

SnapLogic Intelligent Integration System

SnapLogic platform site

SnapLogic provides an enterprise integration platform for connecting and managing several applications and data sources.

Cleo Integration Cloud

Cleo platform site

Provides end-to-end integration of several APIs, cloud environments, etc. Major logistics service providers mostly choose it.


Jitterbit platform site

Jitterbit is an API integration platform where several business applications can be integrated quickly and effectively.


Zapier platform site

Zapier allows you to automate the workflow of business applications and connect your apps and services.


Postman platform site

Postman is a widely used tool for creating and managing APIs. Workflow control and REST API testing are some of its popular features.


Celigo platform site

Celigo is an integration platform that automates the workflow for business application development. It’s widely used by PayPal and TITAN distributors. The main advantage of Celigo is that it is very user-friendly; even a non-technical user can use it well.

Software AG webMethods

Software AG platform site is an iPaaS platform that helps you connect cloud applications with your data.

IBM API Connect

IBM API Connect platform site

IBM API Connect provides the tools for creating, updating, and maintaining various APIs.

UiPath Cloud Elements

UiPath API Integration platform site

UiPath Cloud Elements is one of the leading API-based integration platforms providing UI automation capabilities.

Make (formerly Integromat)


Integromat (now ‘Make’) is a platform that helps businesses integrate several apps and ensure the free flow of data.


While limited in functionality, Integrately is 18-33x times cheaper compared to other iPaaS vendors in the market.

Informatica Cloud Data Integration

Informatica platform site

Informatica provides out-of-the-box solutions for data integration between databases, servers, and several cloud applications.

Oracle Integration

Oracle Integration platform site

Oracle Integration helps data engineers and analysts perform standard operations such as extract, transform and load (ETL) on data. It has pay-as-you-go pricing and a no-code data flow design process.


DreamFactory (owned by is an enterprise integration platform introduced into the market as a Salesforce product. It is one of the leading providers of Instant SQL server APIs.


Skyvia platform site

Skyvia is a universal cloud data platform that provides data integration, backup, management, and connectivity.

Qlik Application Automation

Qlik Application Automation (Formerly provides no-code integration, UI embedding, API connectivity, data integration, and analytics. platform site is an API integration tool.

Rudderstack Cloud Extract

Rudderstack platform site

Rudderstack Cloud Extract allows you to collect raw events and other data from different cloud platforms such as Google Analytics and leverage advanced bi-directional pipelines.

Pabbly Connect

Pabbly Connect platform site

Pabbly Connect helps you integrate applications for a free flow of data between multiple apps. It’s a potential substitute for Zapier. (Formerly Xplenty)

Talend platform site (formerly Xplenty) is a low-code integration tool that provides data security and business intelligence features.

Talend Cloud Data Integration

Talend Cloud Data Integration is used to connect relational databases, and cloud apps, and perform ETL operations. platform site provides multiple solutions such as cloud integration, API integration, data migration, mobile integration, etc.

Modulus Data

Modulus Data is one of the leading software companies for HR data integration and has built more than 2500 custom integrations.

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