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Say goodbye to soul-sucking tech vendor research

Work with the leading technology selection platform to

Get a detailed requirements table
Filter solutions based on your priorities
Evaluate vendors for your exact use case
We guarantee you'll pick the right solution within 1 week
Trusted by IT and digital transformation leaders at tech unicorns and enterprise
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to make decisions in dozens of categories, including
Cloud DBMS
Data Warehouse
Cloud Object Storage
APM and Observability
Cloud Cost Management
API Gateway
Data Integration
Internal Developer Platform
API Management
Platform Engineering
Low-code App Platform
Get clarity in minutes

Get expert insights on technology vendors tailored to your use case

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Tailor insights to your specific use case.

Within minutes, you'll have a matrix of vendor pros and cons, a shortlist of vendors, and an objective analysis as to who wins and why.

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Research faster with built-in vendor data.

No more Excel sheets. No more "gotchas". Tap into 10s of thousands of vendor data points curated by top analysts with experience at Gartner.

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Collaborate and drive accountability.

Asynchronously build consensus on requirements between leaders and contributors in product and engineering.

Present standardized docs to senior leadership for comment
Build internal consensus on requirements and use case fit
Create context-rich spikes in your favorite issue tracking tools
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Integrate into your procurement workflow.

Seamlessly handoff and track the status of your technology evaluation as it moves through legal, compliance and finance review.

Handoff to CLM and TPRM tools seamlessly
Automate financial analysis including NPV, ROI and TCO
Get organized insights into prior decisions from past notebooks
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Built for decision-makers

The ultimate productivity tool for people who pick tools.

Make faster decisions

"Taloflow allows me to get unique insights about our use case without having to spend much time or effort going through spreadsheets."
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Patrick Lewis
IT Manager at ModusBox

De-risk your decisions

"Taloflow's buying insights allow us to find and compare products in verticals like cloud cost management and storage with technical rigor."
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David Wilson
CFO at NS1

Avoid demo calls

“Taloflow helps us precisely define our use case and compare options. And, for bonus points, I get to avoid soul-sucking demo calls with vendors.”
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Brent Maxwell
CTO at Style Arcade

Confidently make your decision

Get a transparent management-ready report tailored to your unique use case and requirements with the help of top application and infrastructure experts.