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Louis-Victor Jadavji
Louis-Victor Jadavji
CEO at Taloflow
May 17, 2021
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Tim, the AWS cost management solution launched by Taloflow in December 2019, will stop working precisely at 12:00PM PDT on June 14th 2021. If you'd like advice finding an alternative, please book a time on our calendar link here and we'll point you in the right direction. We've done extensive research on Tim alternatives in the category and know who supports the right features for your use case, and who doesn't.

Why are we shutting down Tim?

  • We couldn't find true product-market fit with Tim
  • We're a small team that needs to focus on our more promising product
  • The revenue from Tim didn't justify the support we gave it

We genuinely enjoyed our relationships with all our customers. We learned a tremendous amount about how companies from startups to hyper-scalers use cloud services and dev tools. We're grateful for these lessons, which we'll take with us into the next phase of our company!

What's next?

Taloflow is now focussed on building a buying insights platform for the tech stack. We want to help CTOs at digital native companies pick the best cloud infrastructure and API products for their specific use case, saving them weeks of soul-sucking analysis and costly mistakes for every big decision they make.

1. The problem: Product information in the tech stack is opaque and complex to understand. There are simply too many dimensions for humans to track and make intelligent tradeoffs between pricing, SLAs, compliance, ease of use, maintainability, and performance in a reasonable time frame. Existing third parties in the market do not present tailored or use-case based analyses.

2. The situation: There’s a Cambrian explosion occurring in the cloud and dev tooling space. There are many newly-funded vendors popping up with niche specializations, and the existing vendors are innovating and adding SKUs at a rapid pace. More options can also mean more complexity. Vendor lock-in is also less important as open standards like Kubernetes and service meshes get more widely adopted.

3. The solution: Taloflow’s transparent expert systems match buyers of infrastructure and API products with the best services for their use case. We are the antithesis to players like Gartner because we are transparent, tech-enabled and provide tailored insights more or less on-demand.

If you want help making a buying decision in any category related to the tech stack, please sign up for our new service and we'll make it happen.

Yours truly,

Tim (fictitious), Todd, Jason, LV, Caio and Austin

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Want tailored ✨ buying insights for your tech stack? Click here to try Taloflow, for free