Jun 3, 2020
Updated Slack integration and template

Updated Slack integration and template

In our latest Taloflow release we made two improvements. One to streamline our Slack integration and the other to our Slack templates.

1. Integrate Slack directly from the Grafana UI or Email Notifications

You can integrate Taloflow into your Slack from your email summaries or alerts or from the "Alerts & Anomalies" page in the Grafana UI. Unfurl "Quick Links" in the Grafana UI to access the "add to Slack button" in the top right of the Grafana UI. Once integrated, use the command `/invite Taloflow Tim` in the channel of your choice to start getting Slack notifications from Tim.

2. Updated Slack templates

Once integrated into Slack, you'll start receiving a condensed version of Taloflow's cost summaries as well as anomaly and trend detection alerts straight into Slack.