June 8, 2017

The Crazy Simple Manifesto

Creatives and businesses depend on programmers to fulfil their visions. The problem? Programmers are scarce. There are 230,000 unfilled jobs for programmers in the U.S. alone, and more than 90 percent of the gap is outside Silicon Valley. And, when the vast majority of the world’s great software talent resides in the halls of tech juggernauts — like Google, Amazon and Facebook — giving them an embarrassment of riches, the rest of the world is left behind.
We’ve found a way to empower you…
If you’re so fortunate to work with a programmer, you know that too often the outcome after months or years of investment is far from the initial, inspiring idea imagined by you, the visionary. (If only he or she could get what you had pictured in your brain.)
Beyond this
  • 75% of software managers expect their projects to fail
  • Custom automations take months and 10s of thousands
  • Deliverables are inflexible to changing business requirements
  • Special-purpose SaaS products are inherently limiting
“90 percent of the gap is outside Silicon Valley”
Artificial Intelligence and intuitive drag-and-drop interfaces promise to level the playing field, becoming the fastest, least-expensive route to go from idea to reality for small and medium-sized businesses. Even those with little technical knowledge can be empowered to own the entire creative process and single-handedly realize their vision. We call this new creative independence the rise of brain-to-stack platforms.

At Loconoco, we promise to help you leverage your greatest asset, your brain (not your budget), to make complex software decisions and design workflows. Our journey starts with giving you powerful tools to assemble even more powerful workflows, highlighted by easy-to-use, drag-and-drop, low-code/no-code interfaces that are integrated with your favorite tools out-of-the-box. One day, we will help you work side by side with AI to think through your business’ goals and optimize outcomes in every situation, freeing your time to focus on the things that matter. Not bits, documentation and lines of code. Now, you can do more playing, thinking, and creating, and realize your vision for the world — straight from brain to stack.


Louis-Victor Jadavji