Taloflow raises new funding and joins Y Combinator W21 Batch

Jason Kim
Jason Kim
Co-founder and VP Product
February 19, 2021
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We're excited to share some updates on what we've been working on at Taloflow. We've come a long way since we launched Tim - AWS cost management for developers, which was a finalist for Product Hunt Dev Tool of the Year.

Since launch, we've had the opportunity to work with nearly 100 companies and developers. We've helped digital native companies like NS1, Bluecore and Modusbox save money, improve performance, and get a better grasp of their marginal costs on the cloud. It's been an amazing journey so far and we're grateful for all the amazing teams we've been able to work with.

Screenshot of our new dashboard

While working with these dev teams, we discovered a key insight. Evaluating and comparing dev and cloud tools is time-consuming and an error-prone task for dev teams. Answering a question like "should we run on AWS or GCP or (insert cloud tool) for this workload?" is very complex. There's tons of marketing noise out there with virtually no 3rd parties to help you find the best answer for the use case at hand.

That's why we quickly started building a new iteration of Taloflow. With Taloflow, you can now get expert cloud and dev tool buying advice and analysis tailored to your specific use case.

Our goal is to help you:

  1. Ask the right questions
  2. Cut through Marketing BS
  3. Find the best use case fit

Our guided questionnaire is designed with domain experts (e.g.: object storage, data pipelines, APM, etc.) to help you quickly create a comprehensive requirements profile to prioritize the tools that best fit your use case and architecture. Our detailed analysis flow ingests telemetry from your various cloud accounts to give you an accurate picture of performance and cost tradeoffs so you can make an informed decision when switching or implementing a new product.

We launched last week on ProductHunt after being hunted by Michael Seibel and received nearly 600 upvotes winning #3 Product Of The Day.

We're also excited to announce that Taloflow is participating in Y Combinator's Winter class of 2021, and has received funding from top VCs. We're now backed by Dustin and Abha from Wonder Ventures (an LA-based VC) with participation from Voyager Capital, Y Combinator's Continuity Fund, and amazing angels like Ian Wong (Cofounder of Opendoor), David Tedman (Cofounder of Hootsuite), John Seely Brown (Chief of Confusion) and Lance Tracey (Cofounder of Peer 1 Hosting).

"We love the convenient guidance, efficiency, and transparency that Taloflow offers to its customers for technical buying decisions - and we see the potential for this to translate into the hub where dev and cloud tools get bought" - Dustin (Wonder Ventures)

Being part of Y Combinator has greatly improved our execution on how we build Taloflow and serve user needs. Our YC partners Tim, Jared, and Surbhi have been monumental in guiding us to solve the right problems and staying focussed. The community of batch-mates and alumni have also been helpful in providing feedback, motivation, and support.

We're honored to have the backing, guidance, and support from our users and from industry leaders and cannot wait to continue building Taloflow.

Onwards and upwards,

Jason, Todd and LV

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Want tailored ✨ buying insights for your tech stack? Click here to try Taloflow, for free